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Leave the Excavation Drainage to Us

We'll access your drain line in Brookfield, MA in no time

Are your drains clogged? Do you smell sewage? Then it's time to reach out to Curtis Construction Services. We provide excavation drainage services to residential and commercial clients in Brookfield, MA. With a decade of experience under our belt and professional equipment at our disposal, you can trust us to access your drain line with speed and accuracy.

We'll use our excavator to dig trenches to access your pipes or install new ones. We can also dig drainage ditches and septic tanks.

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Do you need excavation drainage services?

Rest assured you’re choosing a reliable contractor when you turn to Curtis Construction Services in Brookfield, MA. Call us for excavation drainage services if you notice:

  1. Slow-working drains or pipes
  2. Standing water in your yard
  3. Flooding in your basement

You can have peace of mind knowing that we follow all safety procedures when on the job.
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